14 May 2019

AWARD WINNER ON INNOVATION- Thank You Lord! Thanks to Nigeria Hype Awards Team. Big Thanks to AOA WINDSTREAM- @eticketsolutions Team, UK- Engr. Kareem|US- Seye|Nigeria- Engr. Lanre, US- Wale Olomola, Wale M*, Ope M*, Our Smart Brand Ambassadors, Our Esteemed customers & Clients and to my beautiful Daughter Adele [daddy why is your face like that —-That’s what I get when I’m communicating with my face

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Meet E-TICKET Solutions Brand Ambassadors 2
14 May 2019

E-TICKET Solutions wraps the year 2018 in Grand style as a new batch of ambassadors were signed.

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Testimonial "Seunfunmi Adekoya"
08 October 2019

“Seunfunmi Adekoya  is a bundle of energy fun and enthusiasm. A real people person who gets on with everyone!! Seunfunmi is a superb net-worker and knows the value of building....Read More