eTPaaS: Electronic Ticketing Platform as a Service

What is eTPaaS?

eTPaaS, our hosted eTicketing platform was designed with the intention of providing our clients and business partners with a convenient, cost effective service for their online ticketing requirements. The platform enables you to sell your event tickets directly to a large, global consumer base without taking on the financial burdens yourself.

Established by a group of industry experts, eTPaaS eliminates the large, up-front capital investments that are typically required for setting up a ticketing infrastructure and instead shifts costs to pay-as-you-go operating expenses.

Through working with us, you are able to eliminate the complexity of managing this process independently. Instead of having to allocate resources to the project and manage various communication channels internally, we provide you with a single point of contact for operations and support. This agreement is backed by our stringent service level agreements so that you are assured that you are receiving a consistent and reliable identity service.

We work directly with your Delegates, Managers and IT team to help ensure that the day-to-day operations of these specialized systems are trouble-free. We can provide complete management of your ticketing requirements for you so that you don’t have to.

List and Manage Your Own Businesses

Our eTicketing platform provides businesses within a range of sectors with the ability to list their businesses independently. We offer this service to businesses operating in a variety of categories as outlined below:

  • Entertainment
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Event Planning
  • Event Promotion/PR
  • Artists
  • Movie Theater Owners
  • Bus Companies
  • Train Companies
  • Club Owners

Through our eTPaaS system, you can list as many businesses as you require. This makes ETPaaS the perfect tool for those business owners who operate multiple hotel or venue locations.

Businesses You Can List With Us

Here at eTicket Solutions, we aim to be a one stop shop for all things entertainment related - from the hotels that people choose to stay at when visiting a new place, to the events they enjoy, and the transportation they use to get there. We touched briefly on the types of business categories that we support above, but some examples as to the businesses and services that you can list are:

  • Events Booking
  • Parties Booking
  • Train Booking
  • Movies
  • Hotel Booking
  • Flight Booking
  • Seminars
  • Clubs
  • Theater
  • Sports
  • Buses Booking

Why List Your Business With Us?

Undoubtedly, the reduced financial obligations is one key benefit of listing your business with us as opposed to managing this aspect of your operation independently, however there are several other benefits offered by our eTPaaS service, as outlined below.

Manage Your Own Customer Service - Managing your own customer services and associated communications is possible with eTPaaS. As a result, you maintain control of your business.

User Friendly Operation - When it comes to the practical use of our site, eTPaaS is very user friendly and easy to navigate, even for those who are relatively unfamiliar with using online CMS systems. Each listing that you add to the site is attributed a project number. Using our powerful dashboard tool, you are able to utilize this number to drill down to further information on a particular listing.

Set Your Own Price - You know your industries and competitors better than us. Our platform gives you the liberty to set your own price.

Mobile Friendly Application - Our mobile application makes it easy for you to check up on your business activity and performance while on the move. This app maintains a record of every ticket scanned and enables you to view valuable data such as the volumes and values of purchases and sales created. The app works in real time, thus providing you with an accurate snapshot of your performance at any given time.

Easy to Operate Dashboard - Our eTicketing platform comes with a powerful reporting tool that gives you a holistic view and report of all the activities pertaining to your business. The valuable data stored and presented here acts as an invaluable tool for analysis in order to assist you in learning more about your customers and in developing improvement strategies going forward. Data contained here includes aspects such as up to date sales, tickets scanned, tickets left un-scanned, and sales and revenue reports.

Get Paid Faster- When you work with eTicket Solutions you don’t have to worry about getting your funds at the end of week, event or month. Instead, you can opt for daily pay-out and get paid the very next day.

A Global Service - Many businesses today operate across international boundaries and as do we. Operating in the United States, the United Kingdom, West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana), and Canada, our eTPaaS system provides a global presence for global solutions.

eTPaaS Provision of Hardware

Here at ETicket Solutions we understand and appreciate that your customer’s experiences extend to more than the simple placing of orders and booking of tickets. When it comes to event management or admission to places where a large crowd is involved, slow admission leads to crowded lines, and frustrated customers. As a consequence, we assign hardware to every project at no cost. There are numerous ways in which the hardware functions to make processing customer bookings a breeze:

eTPaaS hardware can scan tickets- Scanning ensures that customers breeze through the line in no time.

POS embedded software to accept payments - In situations where a customer wishes to make a purchase at the gate, the POS system embedded in our hardware means that this is possible. Customers are able to make on the spot payments using our credit/debit card chip readers.

Mobile App embedded for convenience - The mobile application provides a real time view into all data surrounding an event. This is especially useful when linked to the hardware used on site as it enables the operator to easily look up the customer database - perfect for situations where a customer has an e-ticket yet their phone has died, since we are able to check and validate their booking.

Faster scanning and longer battery life - Our hardware has been formulated with the aim of providing the most reliable service possible. We know that scanning tickets on site and checking customer details is a process that can extend over several hours which is why we can guarantee fast scanning and sufficient battery life so you do not experience problems.

Disclaimer: Hardware remain the property of eTicket Solutions


In conjunction with our global operation, we have also developed our pricing system to suit our global clientele. Pricing varies depending on office of operation as every geographic region or country has differences when it comes down to currencies used, payment processing fees and Laws. Our eTicketing Solutions works globally. If you have any uncertainties related to this, our experienced team are able to assist you and answer any queries that you may have.

Experience Reliability

To express your interest, or to receive further information about Electronic Ticketing Platform as a Service- eTPaaS. Please contact us today on +1-800-886-5495 or via email at Our expert team are able to provide you with tailored solutions that suit your business model and will be on hand to guide you through every step of the onboarding process. We aim to respond to every inquiry within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to discussing your needs with you soon.