Crowd Management

Our Crowd Management solutions exist with the sole purpose of protecting civilians wherever they may be. Our areas of operation within this field are twofold - we offer site security and protection for events (organized or impromptu) and populated public spaces where safety is imperative (airports, transportation hubs, etc).

When hosting or organizing a large event, or protecting a public space amid today’s terror climate, we understand and appreciate that safety can be a cause for concern. That is precisely why here at E-ticket Solutions we take pride in our extensive offering of crowd management services which are tailor made to suit your specific needs and exist to ensure that your spaces and events are safe, secure, and enable visitors to enjoy their time and experience there.

Our crowd management experts are skilled in securing a calm and organized environment in both planned and emergency situations so whether you are looking for a security team to aid in managing a bustling concert hall, or you need impromptu assistance in a crisis, we are here to assist you.

What is Crowd Management and Why is it Necessary?

Crowd management relates to the management of a large assembly or gathering of people (“crowds”) across numerous situations. Crowd management may be requested in conjunction with behavior that is either deemed lawful or unlawful. The overarching aim of crowd management is to protect all lawful crowd activity while in parallel identifying, isolating, and stopping unlawful behavior.

Unfortunately, we are living in an era of uncertainty. Ensuring a secure and safe environment should be high on the agenda when organizing an event anyway, however with a heightened threat of terror and security concerns worldwide, crowd management, and protection of crowded public spaces is more imperative now than ever before

What We Offer

As aforementioned, we offer crowd management solutions as requested for protecting both busy public spaces, and large scale events. Whichever side of the spectrum your requirements fall upon, E-Ticket Solutions can provide you with a tailor made crowd management assistance program to suit your specific needs and the particular event that you are hosting. Through opting to protect your crowds with us, we will ensure your attendees enjoy an orderly and safe environment wherever they are.

Our Crowd Management services protect your reputation through ensuring that everything goes smoothly, and they guarantee you peace of mind in knowing that your location and those who pass through it are in safe hands.

An Overview of Our Services

Through thorough and meticulous planning finessed by years of experience within the field, our crowd management staff strive to maintain a calm and orderly atmosphere in any given situation. As experts in our field, we understand how quickly situations can progress and develop and that’s why our highly trained staff are able to maintain order should a disturbance or potentially problematic situation unfold. In such instances, our staff can:

  • Calm crowds
  • Handle rushing crowds and instigate an orderly environment
  • Enforce rules and regulations as applicable
  • Setup, man and manage barricades if required
  • Manage alcohol enforcement
  • Distribute food, medication, or other necessary items in emergency situations.
  • Handle emergency and evacuation procedures calmly and effectively.
  • Perform public safety inspections and produce reports

What We Protect

ETicket Solutions offer crowd management services that protect a number of planned and unplanned events and gatherings. Broadly speaking, we can provide a team of experienced professionals to assist you in any event or circumstance as you deem necessary but to provide you with some ideas, ETicket Solutions can protect and manage your crowds in the following scenarios.

Planned Events:

ETicket Solutions can offer assistance during planned events such as those outlined below. 

  • Concerts
  • Large scale parties
  • Parades
  • Festivals
  • County fairs
  • Rush hour traffic
  • Public funeral processions
  • Training exercises
  • Traffic Checkpoints
  • Other special events

Unplanned Occurrences

Furthermore, we can offer assistance during unplanned or emergency scenarios such as the following: 

  • Traffic accidents
  • Weather hazards
  • Roadway defects
  • Traffic signal failures
  • Natural or manmade disasters
  • Terrorist incidents
  • Other emergency scenarios where a large crowd or gathering is involved.

Protection of Busy Public Areas:

  • Airports
  • Water Ports and Waterways
  • Bus Stations
  • Train Stations
  • Seminars
  • Stadiums
  • Subways
  • Shopping Centers
  • Interceptions
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Beaches
  • Parking Lots
  • Other busy public domains as you deem necessary to safeguard.

How We Deliver Crowd Management Solutions

E-Ticket Solutions offer a flexible approach to crowd management - providing staffing and security assistance in any scenarios that our clients request. We like to consider our working relationships more as partnerships, and work in conjunction with our clients in order to develop an appropriate strategy for their particular requirements.

A quality service is of the utmost importance to us which is why all of our staff members undergo extensive and rigorous training before they are permitted to act on behalf of Eticket Solutions as a Crowd Management Controller.

Types of Equipment Used

Our staff utilize state of the art technology in order to assess and maintain the safety of any given location. We are proud users of US government approved Smartshield radiation survey and detection equipment which our crowd management teams are equipped with as part of our operation. This groundbreaking technology allows our staff to detect any concerning sources of radiation, or notable radiation changes within the vicinity without alerting the source to our knowledge. This technology helps us to ensure that we are one step ahead when it comes to concerns such as terror in today’s political climate.

Secure Your Events With Us Now

Have any further questions about our crowd management services or wish to discuss your requirements with a member of our team? Contact us today via and a member of our team will be in contact as soon as possible (typically within less than 24 hours to discuss your needs and provide a quotation).


This crowd management document and all services and policies discussed herein are valid and true as of the date of publication (October 2017). This document may be subject to change in the future should we decide introduce additional tools and technologies to aid in our management of crowds, or should we make any amendments to our service offering. Thank you for your understanding.